Transcripción de la parte más importante de interrogatorio de la Sen. Warren

En la vista de hoy la Senadora Elizabeth Warren hizo unas contundentes declaraciones sobre el poder y responsabilidad de la Rama Ejecutiva federal y específicamente el Departamento del Tesoro de hacer más para atender nuestra crisis. Por la importancia de estas expresiones, incluyo aquí la transcripción. (Más tarde pondré aquí la traducción):Sen. Warren: “Mr. Weiss, I’ll push on Congress to try to pass these bills but, frankly, I think Treasury needs to step up and show more leadership here. I agree with Treasury’s recommendations to Congress but let’s face it: in Washington, sometimes, things like this that sound good amount to just passing the buck. You know, during the financial crisis when the banks were in trouble, Treasury did a lot more than just bail them out. Treasury stretched the limits of its authority to make sure that the banks stayed afloat, it helped broker deals between banks, it applied pressure to get parties to accept deals they may not have liked very much. It has done that in multiple other crises as well, and now the people of Puerto Rico are calling. They understand there is no bailout on the table for them and they are not asking for one. After all, they aren’t a giant bank. But they are asking the administration to do what it can to help broker deals, to stand up stand up to the vulture funds that are pushing for a vision that is far at odds with the people of Puerto Rico and with all american citizens. Puerto Rico is not trying to protect its profitability, they just want to make sure that the families of Puerto Rico have a chance to build a future for themselves and their kids and I urge Treasury to be just as creative in coming up for solutions for Puerto Rico as it was when the big banks called for help.»